Regula Horner

AMI-certified, national German degree from the Montessori Association in Aachen, 1987/1988; teacher at the Montessori School since 1998.

Anja Baumann

Working at the Montessori School Zurich since 1995.
1995 set up lunch table, 2003 set up pottery studio, 2004 set up afternoon care

Justine Duhamel

Montessori teacher (AMI-Diploma Munich 2015/16), working at the Montessori School Zurich since September 2016. Representation of Mrs. Horner.

Elisabeth Keller

has been working at the lunch table since January 2019 and is in charge of the afternoon care. From May 2019 on she works also in the mornings.

Wossen Baumann

Montessori teacher (AMI-Diploma Munich 2019/20), works since January 2019 in the morning, at lunch and in the afternoon care. Assistant in the year 2014/15.

Maria Venakis

Cooks at the Montessori Schule Zurich since march 2015.

Vera Pritchina

Musician (violoncello), teaches the children music since march 2017 with the Synergiemethod of Marianne Reitz.

Römisches Tor