From 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. we serve the children lunch. Playtime is from the closing song till lunch is served at noon. The food is freshly prepared each day. We select only the highest quality ingredients and usually buy organic products. The adults serve the food. Once a table is served, the children at that table can begin eating. One child from each table also helps with cleaning up. Two or three children help with mopping the floor and setting the tables for the next meal. We make sure that all the children get their turn helping out. The other children go back to playing or are taken to brush their teeth.

Setting the table

We set our tables with traditional white tablecloths, white napkins and flowers, which is in line with the Montessori approach. The practice promotes the children's sense of aesthetic and makes them more careful while eating. Through selfcontrol it is clearly visible on the white tablecloth. It is always nice to see how much the children enjoy eating together in a pleasantly and relaxed atmosphere.